Product Introduction

Centering on the six stages of data acquisition, transmission, storage, processing, sharing and destruction in the life cycle of data security life, the technical architecture of the data security management platform is established for specific application scenarios like, development, testing, external interface, production, O&M, operation, access, privilege, management, as to realize the pre-prevention and post-tracing of risk events such as illegal use, illegal access and abnormal operation of data.

Through the access of multiple subsystem competence, the platform ensures the layer-by-layer implementations of data security measures, and provides a united and standard UI interface for clients, so that users can clearly see relevant risk management details, including statistics of data static events and data flows. In terms of deployment, based on the data classification and hierarchy system, the platform integrates the subsystems of static desensitization, dynamic desensitization, data security sharing and data auditing into an application scenario-oriented solution, providing users with elastic and scalable application deployment competence.