• Project Background

    In 2015, Liby Science and Technology proposed the development idea of digitization transformation with the development trend of informatization, and firstly released the “1+2” strategy to initiate a new stage of digital construction. Behind its demand of digitization, it faces key technical challenges such as servitization, life cycle management, united monitoring of performance of IT resource, management of full-link application performance, introduction of agile containerization heterogeneity, multi-cloud docking and DevOps.

  • Solution

    Digital China assisted Liby Science and Technology to build resource competences based on sustainable development, agile, rapid and flexible delivery infrastructure with its hybrid cloud platform construction project. The platform cooperates with container cloud platform, united monitoring platform, unified alarming platform, O&M data warehouse and SD-WAN networking competence through hybrid cloud IaaS, and opens up and manages IaaS and PaaS resources. With cloud-native technology as the main body, the platform builds stable, secure and highly available IaaS and PaaS platforms. It also provides multi-cloud resource management, performance management, delivery management, monitoring management, application management, billing management, software-defined WAN networking, security operation management, situation awareness, DevOps system and other friendly compatible cloud-native ecosystem components.

Customer Value
  • Achieve the goal of fast support
    Relying on the hybrid cloud platform and related integrated systems, Liby Science and Technology has achieved the goal of rapidly supporting the application of Internet, micro-service, container, automation and cloud;
  • Integrate advanced basic competence
    Liby Science and Technology has integrated advanced basic competence such as united management of hybrid cloud resources, unified performance monitoring, unified application monitoring, SD-WAN networking, security compliance and other functions to fully support the rapid iterative innovation of the Group’s scientific research, production, supply, sales, and service businesses.;
  • Realize united operation of resources and precise management of the whole life cycle
    The platform system has been fully put into operation in the development, testing, quasi-production, production and other major process of the Group and its subordinate units, realizing united operation of resources and precise management of the whole life cycle, saving 40% of IT cost and upgrading over 90% of business carrying competence.;