• Business Scenario

    The customer is a leading theme park management and operation enterprise in China, with the whole industry of cultural tourism creativity, planning and design, construction and operation. It has successively created 22 unique cultural tourism projects in Changbai Mountain, Wuhan, Xishuangbanna and other regions.

  • Business Challenge

    The customer needs to establish a complete big data analysis platform to accurately predict the passenger flows in shopping, leisure, catering, culture, entertainment and other industries in the park;
    The system shall acquire tour data from ticketing, retail, catering, central reservation and other information systems for united data analysis;
    The system shall output data analysis report regularly, including horizontal and vertical comparison of business data;
    The big data platform shall support terminal access such as desktop and mobile terminals, and support data visualization.

  • Solution

    Acquire data from NC system (budget management platform), EAM management system (enterprise asset management system) and file management system to form stable and rich data sources;
    Extract, transform, load the corresponding data by ETL knowledge link to achieve accurate, comprehensive, in-depth and real-time data integration;
    Process passenger flow, forecast, inventory and personalized recommendation according to data models of route, project, tourist, income and performance by means of SAS and related data mining modules;
    Use report engine, visual analysis engine, data mining, decision engine and other tools to analyze data, and push the final analysis results to mobile phones and web pages for front-end display.

Customer Value
  • Integrated different data
    The program integrates data from different regions, formats, projects and systems
  • Optimal management
    Visual data report shows the number of passengers in each park, assisting in the optimized management of people, finance, materials and time
  • Rapid business strategy
    Management can keep abreast of passenger flow trends and quickly formulate or adjust business strategies
  • Enhanced core competitiveness
    Help the customer create refined management models to improve business level, business efficiency and core competitiveness