• Business Scenario

    Our customer is the world’s leading high-end automobile manufacturer. In addition to manufacturing, its global strategy is to develop shared travel, autonomous driving, car networking and new energy. The Chinese branch of this enterprise has set up a mobility department and a joint venture with the aim to operate the global shared travel platform in China, to boost shared travel service to the Chinese market, to provide Chinese consumers with easy, convenient and sustainable high-end travel solution and to lead green and low-carbon urban travel life.

  • Business Challenge

    Headquartered in German, the shared automobile platform based on Kubernetes container development falls on AWS in China, and requires partners containing container layer O&M competence to undertake the technical operation and maintenance work at IaaS+PaaS layer and test work of system landing;
    Since more and more systems of Chinese business are on AWS and Azure public clouds, its IT department urgently needs a set of cloud resource management process and united O&M service system to understand the lack of existing IT operation and maintenance process and system, to figure out how to construct them by stages according to the degree of urgency, and to clarify the responsibilities and relevant boundaries between IT department and business department.

  • Solution

    In view of the comprehensive competence of multi-cloud MSP and system development, Digital China connected with our customer’s German team to complete all the work, such as AWS resource adaptation in China, system launching & deployment, system test, online operation, localization and continuous iterative development. We provided technical support for the whole process through DevOps and undertook supplementary development work;
    We investigated and evaluated the existing process, organizational structure and IT objective, and proposed system construction program, phased construction path and practical operation manual as per best practices on cloud.
    We integrated technical resources in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu to support different demands of the project in the early, middle and late stages.

Customer Value
  • Fast launching and stable platform
    The customer’s shared travel business is launched quickly and the platform is operated stably;
  • More systems can be migrated to the cloud
    Based on the consultation program and practical operation manual, the customer has gradually constructed a complete multi-cloud O&M system to support more systems to be migrated to the cloud and daily O&M.