• Business Scenario

    The customer is an internationally renowned apparel retail group, whose brands are sold in thousands of stores around the world. Since the development of the fast-moving clothing brand under the Group, it has maintained a rapidly rising business performance and its brand has become a unique one in the global fashion industry. Amid the rapid expansion of the brand in the Asia-Pacific region dominated by China, the Group has several stores in China.

  • Business Challenge

    Based on the multi-cloud architecture adopted, the customer requires service providers to have professional cross-cloud management competence and expand more public cloud resources to clouds in different regions;

    Promotion scenarios in the retail industry may cause high concurrency. Through planning and management, the customer needs to copy with more businesses by consuming minimal resources to optimize cost efficiency;

    Business system needs rapid response and deployment and excellent competence of the entire DevOps;

    The customer requires highly stable system and professional cloud O & M support;

    Since information technology under the cloud architecture has changed from a cost center to a profit center, the customer needs to seek out new applications and solution to drive continuous business development.

  • Solution

    Provide one-stop multi-cloud resources and services, and achieve united management and billing across clouds;

    Make automated deployment across clouds with Terraform;

    Provide cloud management to guarantee stable operation of systems, including management of networks, virtual machines, middleware and PaaS;

    Develop monitoring scripts according to the demand, and comprehensively monitor systems from the basic layer, middleware to application indicators;

    Deploy Bastion Host business and enhance the security management and audit competence of the entire project;

    According to special monitoring and O & M demands, customize and develop monitoring and configuration scripts to realize automatic operation and maintenance of remote business systems.

Customer Value
  • Build Efficient O&M competence
    The new online business and promotion activities can be quickly deployed in a short time, and the capacity can be expanded in minutes during promotion;
  • Meet the demand of the business
    The demand of cloud O & M and overall services of IaaS+PaaS can be met and the stable operation of cloud architecture can be ensured through continuous guarantee and monitoring;
  • Reduce O&M costs
    Remote and automatic O & M are realized, and the relevant cost is reduced by about 40% compared with the original on-site O & M mode;
  • Optimize deployment
    Cloud provisioning is optimized to save a lot of cloud resource expenditure;
  • Provide decision basis
    Detailed monthly reports are provided to support decisions of business optimization;