• Business Scenario

    In the field of new infrastructure, the importance of super-computing power and mass storage is self-evident. Xiamen Municipal Government hopes to establish a super-computing center to support the digital transformation of regional industries and meet the demands of relevant industries in the field of big data and artificial intelligence in the development process.

  • Business Challenge

    Whether the computing performance of the supercomputing center can meet customer demand; large investment in fixed assets leads to high cost of computing resources; difficulties in integrating traditional services with digital technologies; how to ensure user safety; and underlying hardware differences.

  • Solution

    Xiamen Kunpeng Supercomputing Center is a cloud-based supercomputing center based entirely on Kunpeng architecture. A single server can provide the customer with up to 128 CPU computing power.
    With the adoption of the innovative mode of government purchasing and enterprise investing in construction and operation and need-based capacity expansion, it prevents waste of resources caused by large fixed asset investment;
    With the characteristics of excellent performance, throughput, integration and efficiency, the solution is applicable to many high-performance computing scenarios, such as big data, artificial intelligence, gene sequencing and meteorological environment;
    Comprehensive measures like 7×24 all-weather monitoring and security competence in line with Class III safety standards provide reliable protection for users.

Customer Value
  • Acceleration of digital transformation
    Accelerate the digital transformation of regional industries
  • Data aggregation and mining
    Integrate and mine cross-system and cross-domain data
  • Collaborate and share data
    Achieve regional business collaboration and data sharing
  • Multiple customization
    Get a variety of customized supercomputing service programs, focus on and accelerate own business values