• Project Background

    Amid the comprehensive adoption of cloud and digital transformation, enterprises have shifted their attention to the delivery value between customers and businesses. Under this circumstance, to shorten delivery time, guarantee quality and deliver at a fast pace have become new demands of digital business. In the process of digital transformation, test business of test team in the digital age often faces multiple industrial pain points.

  • Solution

    By adopting platform-based mindset, the technical team of Digital China’s Data Platform and the IT team of the transnational automobile enterprise tried to create mature tools to enhance the efficiency of R&D and testing, to abandon the traditional QA organization mode, to innovate the technology, personnel and process, and to realize the platform-based strategic transformation through the integration of authority management, test case writing, test task management and test progress monitoring.

    On the whole, the big data test platform of Digital China can establish a complete management process from authority management. Then, administrators can carry out more accurate system management for departments, users, projects, data sources and other dimensions, create new test cases by SQL creation, API connection, DIFF data comparison, etc., and on this basis, they can freely create test tasks and output complete task report to help team members enhance their organizational effectiveness. The platform also supports SQL quick query, which creates a fast and efficient query experience through a separate query creation module.

Customer Value

In actual operation, the big data test platform of Digital China can meet the business demands of different roles of the team in the test process.

  • Visualized task progress
    For team leaders, whenever necessary, they can master test progress through the platform, visualize task progress of different projects, helps managers identify current bottlenecks and manage risks through clear performance management.
  • Efficient management and historical backtracking
    For testers, the platform is applicable for efficient management and historical backtracking of test cases, and easy management of test tasks in the task classification of tree structure.
  • Accelerated delivery and upgraded code quality
    For developers, the platform accelerates delivery rate and improves code quality.