• Background

    IT application innovation Park is a national park jointly deployed and constructed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Beijing Municipal Government. A large number of outstanding enterprises in the field of digital technology have settled in the park to commonly contribute to the vigorous development of IT application innovation industry. The office network demand of enterprises in the ETDZ has developed from wired network office to wireless network office and the demand for WLAN access has promoted the rapid growth of WLAN equipment. Some enterprises in the park access the Internet through wired network or adopt a small number of home-level wireless routers, which cannot meet the demands of abundant mobile device like notebooks, smart phones and PADs for accessing the Internet anytime and anywhere.

  • Solution

    Digital China has adopted the integrated design of internal and external networks, and logically isolated internal and external networks by dividing VLANs and establishing access control list (ACL). We have adopted AC+ thin AP networking modes to adjust power and signal channel automatically, optimize RF coverage effect, and smartly control intelligent load balancer and fair terminal time division to provide users with a good wireless experience.

Customer Value

  • Excellent overall protection
    WiFi6 flagship wireless AP X10 is adopted in the project to support MU-MIMO, OFDMA, spatial multiplexing, TWT and other advanced wireless technologies, 4-band and 14 streams, and up to 6.82 Gbps wireless rate. The united management is easy to maintain: The combination of ImCloud cloud and local AC DCWS-6028-C is applicable for united configuration and management, solving O&M difficulties.
  • Safe, reliable and powerful scalability
    With the help of WPA3 protocol, a more secure link can be built to prevent hackers from attacking and protect user data security, so that hackers cannot spy on user data. WiFi6 OFDMA, spatial multiplexing, WAP3 encryption and other technologies are adopted by X10 to enhance the anti-interference, stability and security during signal transmission.
  • Balanced load and optimized RF
    The DCN radio controller can real-time adjust and distribute access terminal to different access points according to the number of users and traffic, balance load pressure, and automatically balance loads among frequency bands or APs to improve wireless access quality.