• Business Scenario

    Our customer is a famous tourism group integrating tourism, leisure and entertainment. It customizes hundreds of wonderful tour routes every year, covering 500 tour destinations around the world and more than 50 countries and regions on five continents.

  • Business Challenge

    The customer needs an own e-commerce platform for its business, a flexible cloud platform to support all online businesses;
    It hopes to take advantage of security of private cloud and elasticity and bandwidth of public cloud and plans hybrid cloud platform architecture;
    It needs a service provider with 24*7 monitoring management to ensure real-time online business;
    In case of any physical failure, the platform can switch to disaster preparedness to minimize MTTR.

  • Solution

    Digital China has carried out the overall planning of hybrid cloud platform and designed the cost optimization program, main and standby VPN reconstructions based on dedicated line and IPSec, highly available retrofitting and disaster preparedness design for business system, peak stress tests for large-scale online operations, security hardening for infrastructure, long-term monitoring of cloud platform service usage and cost optimization based on monitoring data, maximization of PaaS services to help customers integrate systems.

Customer Value
  • Optimize the overall system sharply
    The rationality, scalability and security of the customer’s overall e-commerce system have been optimized sharply
  • Increase efficiency and satisfaction
    By improving the performance of business systems, users can make orders faster and increase efficiency and customer satisfaction
  • Improve system stability
    By improving the stability of the business system, the customer can easily cope with high concurrency status, such as online promotions
  • Fast switchover/recovery
    Fast switchover and recovery are available in the event of any business system failure