Industry overview
Government enterprise industry trends

Amid the digital transformation of government-enterprise into a deep stage, efficiency and safety have become important directions. In the fields of new infrastructure, the importance of super computing power and mass storage is self-evident. The establishment of supercomputing center supports the digital transformation of regional industries and meets the demand of relevant industries for computing power in the field of big data and artificial intelligence during the development process. In the field of e-government services, more and more government agencies are providing online services and e-government platforms to improve the efficiency and convenience of public services. In the field of data governance, government agencies are beginning to propose open data policies, to establish data-sharing platforms, to boost public participation and innovation, and provide better data support for government decision. In the field of artificial intelligence and automotive applications, government agencies are starting to explore the relevant applications to improve efficiency and accuracy. For example, natural language processing techniques are adopted in document processing and information extraction, and machine learning algorithms are used in data analysis and prediction. With the deepening of digitization, data security and privacy protection become important issues, and government agencies are gradually strengthening data security measures to ensure that citizens’ personal information is protected and are establishing corresponding legal and regulatory frameworks. Digital China has provided customized solutions for government enterprises at different stages of transformation and created services, solutions and IT platforms meeting different demands.