• Business Scenario

    Customer service is the most direct “window” for enterprises to communicate with customers. With more and more enterprise customers, they demand faster and faster after-sales response. Facing such demands, whether customers can get quick response from customer service personnel and whether relevant consultation entrance is convenient become important factors affecting experience. To guarantee high-quality service quality and smooth service experience, enterprises need to invest a lot of manpower and capital cost for after-sales service. In the stage of rapid technology development, how to upgrade customer service intelligently has become a new path for enterprises to lower cost reduction and improve efficiency.

  • Business Challenge

    Take a world top 500 manufacturing enterprise as an example. Because the products of manufacturing industry are more sophisticated and complex, users demand a variety of customer service during the use process, and the communication of a single problem often takes at least 2-3 hours.

  • Solution

    Based on Jarvis, a smart base of independent intellectual property rights, the intelligent after-sales service built by Digital China can accelerate the response speed and optimize customer service quality by means of intelligent guidance on fault self-test, intelligent billing, intelligent auxiliary learning and other functions, so as to raise the efficiency of after-sales service.

Customer Value
  • Intelligent guidance on fault self-test for rapid handling of difficult and miscellaneous faults
    In the after-sales service of precise equipment, the most important thing is to help users complete the fault self-test.
  • Intelligent billing for efficient operation and management
    The immediate arrangement of service time greatly improves customer experience and work efficiency.
  • Intelligent assisted learning and comprehensively upgraded product training
    The Jarvis’s intelligent translation is applicable for document and video translation, eliminating language barriers for users to learn from videos.