• Business Scenario

    Traditional manufacturing industries, such as food manufacturing, face long-term market uncertainty and competitive pressures, and companies need to find new ways to improve operational productivity and overall competence. In the production process, the massive data generated by production-line and equipment operations shall be collected, mined, cleaned and analyzed to warn equipment failure, to enhance productivity and to manage food safety.

  • Business Challenge

    There are data islands and repeated statistics; Data cannot directly serve business management; The automation level of production lines is low, and operation and process are cumbersome.

  • Solution

    Digital China has measured the enterprise IT architecture, simplified the cumbersome information system based on infrastructure construction, and created an integrated hardware platform to quickly carry its own systems;

    The hyper-converged products of Digital China are used to fully carry the entire information center system and support multi-platform virtualization operations.

Customer Value
  • Digital transformation
    Transform from traditional industry to digitization industry.
  • Cheaper and more convenient cloud computing
    Cheaper and more convenient cloud computing and big data technologies meet the cost control demand of food factories for low investment and high returns.
  • New operating model
    Private cloud architecture and big data system can summarize and analyze data from various modules in the production process to discover new operating models.