• Business Scenario

    According to the strategy of global IT, SAP system shall be fully deployed to Azure cloud. The customer needs Digital China to design SAP deployment program to serve in Southeast Asia, North Asia and the mainland of China.

  • Business Challenge

    In China, there is no precedent of SAP that is deployed on the pure Azure cloud.

  • Solution

    Digital China has cooperated with SAP implementers to design the deployment architecture of public cloud, planned and implemented five sets of environments for development, testing, pre-production, production and disaster recovery, tested and adjusted performance based on test data, implemented antivirus and backup programs for special operating systems, and provided different levels of SLAs for different environments.

Customer Value
  • Smooth system deployment
    Smooth deployment of SAP system to the public cloud;
  • Professional architecture
    Professional and scalable architecture;
  • 24*7 fast response
    24*7 fast response and alarms in various ways;