• Project Background

    As a sporting goods company with internationally well-known brands, the company has a variety of globally famous sports and outdoor brands, but it also leads to the internal departments have their own systems. Hence, the data of departments are separated from each other and cannot be called uniformly. In addition to the impacts of events such as the failure to implement the big data platform in the early stage and the adjustment of internal business, the company still faces the dilemma of constructing a data platform to realize the digital transformation within the company.

  • Solution

    Based on the actual scenario needs of our customer, Digital China has started from basic work like making sales statements, financial statements, supply chain statements, etc., and constructed a data platform covering almost all departments, so as to build an internal overall database of financial data, industrial data and so on, to get through ERP, CRM and other systems of each department, to deposit the data in the data center, and to make corresponding output from the data center as per business demand. At the same time, we have pre-built data sets with business topics for the data platform to enable independent analysis from different data dimensions through the pulling of data sets.

Customer Value
  • Solve the problem of preparing reports by systems
    Help the systems of business departments solve the problem of preparing reports by data analysis and establish a complete terminal flow analysis system;
  • Clearer and more transparent data flow
    Help the finance department solve the problem of spending a lot of manpower and material resources on weekly and monthly fixed financial reports, making the customer’s data flow clearer and more transparent.