• Project Background

    A general automobile dealer manages 1,500 4S stores of 3 brands and needs different business policies for assessment.However, limited by the inaccurate demand forecast of DIMS system, the lower-level dealers often orders by themselves,  causing inventory backlog and cost pressure.

  • Solution

    Digital China developed a demand forecast and inventory optimization model by analyzing the purchasing data of this dealer. Under this model, the customer can make reasonable demand forecast and inventory optimization strategy for spare parts of different scenarios and purposes, Besides, by virtue of this model’s inventory simulation and back-testing, business personnel can take easy to view the business dynamics through the model and receive reference basis for business adjustment.

Customer Value

The project helps customers establish demand and inventory management strategies for different spare parts, regions and business scenarios.

  • Guaranteed low cost
    Ensure low inventory, high satisfaction rate and low cost.
  • A sales model between dealers
    Propose a sales model for connecting dealers and reducing their inventory and transportation costs.
  • A new business model
    Create a new business model for dealers’ backlogs and emergency orders.