Product Introduction

Since the database is the basic component of the upper application, its operation and performance are particularly important. The database audit system can monitor the operation of database in real time, provide a strong basis for the traceability and accountability of database security events, and supply analysis reports meeting requirements of laws and regulations, such as the Network Security Law and the Network Security Level Protection 2.0 System.

Feature of database audit
  • User pain point
  • Program feature
  • Application scenario
User pain point

• Lack of record and audit of database operation behavior, hard to find data leakage and difficult to trace;
• External attacks increase year by year as the value of data increases;
• As for the database, its upper application cannot be monitored in real time and it cannot respond to issues immediately after the occurrence of them, which may affect the access of the front-end application or cause incalculable economic losses.

Program feature

• Intelligently acquire and analyze network data packets by mirroring or probing, and accurately analyze user operations and completely parse SQL in accordance with database telecom protocols;
• Monitor database access behaviors in all directions and make real-time alarms for risk operations, and provide audit users with visual operation and monitoring interfaces, and diverse statistical analysis reports.

Application scenario

• Make real-time monitoring of database operation, timely detect SQL featured by frequent and slow executions, and help customers analyze and optimize database performance;
• Make real-time risk alarm, timely detect external attacks and database violations, and guarantee database security;
• Accurately trace database violations and even track specific people through intelligent automatic correlation analysis of multi-dimensional information, as well as the full amount of database behavior records.