• Project Background

    As one of the world’s largest skin care, cosmetics and perfume companies, our customer is a top multinational manufacturer and distributor of skin care products, cosmetics, perfumes and hair care products. It has been underscoring the Asia-Pacific market, the globally largest consumption market of cosmetics. However, as the customer has 32 brands in 11 countries and regions in Asia Pacific, in the specific operation process, the customer cannot give full play to the data value of consumers. In addition, there are obstacles in the analysis and application of each marketing data. Besides, its data is scattered across platforms, which restricts the implementation of marketing strategies of business departments. That is to say, its marketing efficiency shall be improved.

  • Solution

    The customer data platform independently researched and developed by Digital China is based on the latest PaaS architecture of Microsoft. By virtue of excellent technical strength, it has been widely selected by customers. The platform can perfectly summarize the sales data of all online and offline platforms of customers, and establish a comprehensive label system by customizing consumer labels to form a complete user portrait. Then, Digital China can gain more profound data-based insight and analysis, obtain the forecast information such as advertising, marketing planning, budget analysis and so on of each online and offline channel in the coming year, and help the customer establish a visualized dashboard for presenting data indicators in multiple dimensions and ensuring the accuracy of investment.

Customer Value
  • Help customers achieve cross-channel, cross-brand, data management
    By means of member point management, member level management and member cycle management, Digital China has helped the customers realize group-level data management of cross-channel, cross-brand and multi-dimensional KPI indicators, and improve member management efficiency.;
  • Promote high value of potential customer
    By focusing on maintaining high-value customer relationship and recalling high-potential silent customers, Digital China has increased the value of potential customer by nearly 30%.