• Business Scenario

    With the industrial PaaS cloud as the core, a national scientific research institution hopes to realize the extensive access of industrial equipment and data through the interconnection gateway, and support the interconnected manufacturing application oriented to design, manufacturing, logistics and products through the core service provide public cloud. Then, it can provide public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud manufacturing solutions for small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises, large manufacturing enterprises and industrial clusters respectively, and finally realize the terminal--network--cloud integration.

  • Solution

    Based on profound understanding of cloud and digitization and industry digital transformation, Digital China recommended the IBM’s Cloud Pak platform based on OpenShift to our customer. By virtue of large-scale container cluster, the platform not only reforms traditional container applications and uploads previous applications to the cloud safely, but also solves the problem of ecological chain collaboration and realizes digital transformation of supply chain. At the same time, Digital China has provided the customer with the full-process service, including container transformation and IaaS migration in the early stage, agile integration of PaaS layer, CI/CD, hybrid cloud management and so on in the later stage, which boosts the construction of industrial intelligence-oriented data middle station, business middle station and manufacturing act management and control application required by the basic R&D environment of the institution, and facilitates the management of collaborative private cloud and hybrid cloud’s operations.

Customer Value
  • Facilitate the intelligent transformation and upgrading
    After Digital China helped the customer deploy the industrial Internet platform, the institution transformed more scientific research into productivity, provided core services such as digital twin, modeling, industrial big data analysis, edge collaborative optimization, manufacturing process management and control, multi-dimensional visual display, etc. through its industrial Internet platform, helping the customer quickly upload businesses and data to the cloud and complete intelligent transformation and upgrading.
  • Achieve the goal of supporting over 30,000 containers
    In terms of IT value, Digital China’s OpenShift-based Cloud Pak platform easily achieved the goal of supporting over 30,000 containers and increased the bandwidth attenuation of IaaS containers where the customer is located from 10:1 to 3:1.