• Business Scenario

    A world-famous chain coffee shop needs to deploy some legacy systems on the cloud for office use as per its business change.

  • Business Challenge

    According to its global IT strategy, a variety of To C businesses need to be deployed to the cloud.

  • Solution

    Digital China provides the customer with one-stop basic services such as cloud resource procurement and technical services, network design, security design, compliance design of cloud platform, optional support of container cloud platform, etc., helps the customer solve the interconnection among multiple self-owned data centers and clouds, and constructs a platform of monitoring, alarming and event processing integrated to the customer’s internal system, and building a large-scale log management and analysis system based on open sources and cloud platform services.

Customer Value
  • New member system
    The new member system is launched;
  • Take-out platform
    The take-out platform is launched;
  • United O & M standard
    The O&M for cloud platforms and internal data center is standardized and unified;
  • High-quality service
    The high-quality service is provided constantly;