• Business Scenario

    The customer is a new energy vehicle company, committed to integrating excellent resources in the automobile manufacturing industry to build high-end innovative new energy electric vehicles. For the first product, new energy multi-function electric vehicle, the Internet of Vehicles technology will be utilized to enable its clients have personalized riding experience.

  • Business Challenge

    A large amount of user data needs to be collected and analyzed through a Alignment cloud platform, which has very high requirements for the availability and security of the cloud platform.

  • Solution

    Digital China has built a car networking platform on Azure to collect and manage vehicle and user data, to customize relevant extended applications based on MCVP, and to monitor running status of all vehicles and provide comprehensive service design according to different functional demands by integrating other Microsoft technologies, including IoT Hub, Service Fabric, Stream Analysis, etc.

Customer Value
  • Diverse platforms
    Achieve platform’s flexibility, diversity, high availability, scalability, and security.
  • Open and efficient platform
    Build an open and efficient platform.
  • Wide applicable functions
    Applicable for monitoring services, message queues, distributed publishing, deployment, etc.