• Business Scenario

    Our customer wants to adopt AI technology to ensure quality. It hopes that we can use mechanical vision recognition to help workers solve the problems in traditional manufacturing: Inspection for wrong and missing installation of automobile parts.

  • Business Challenge

    It is necessary to accurately identify body parts, to process and analyze mass data on the cloud to generate detection results, and to learn independently through artificial intelligence to improve accuracy.

  • Solution

    Digital China detected quality anomalies by training body parts using Azure custom image services and OpenCV; Through Microsoft HoloLens, workers can see the detection results in real time and perform corresponding operations; by integrating AI data and production data, our customer further upgraded manufacturing processes.

Customer Value
  • Autonomous learning competence
    With the competence of self-learning, the system is iterated continuously.
  • Upgraded accuracy of quality inspection
    Upgrade the quality inspection standards and prevent artificial work omissions under customized production.
  • Reduced the labor intensity of workers
    Plummet the online labor intensity of workers.