• Project Background

    In recent years, Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China Ltd. has taken initiative to perfect the customer information protection system covering the whole process of financial business in line with the purpose of protecting the rights and interests of financial consumers. Hence, Ping An Life Insurance has built a relatively perfect customer information protection system from the aspects of working mechanism, system construction and technical guarantee. In order to better realize the effective guarantee of customer information and transaction security, Ping An has coordinated security, operation, acquisition, O&M departments to plan to build a sensitive information management platform and formulated a sensitive data identification and masking program of the whole system.

  • Solution

    In 2020, Digital China signed the large order of Ping An Life Insurance’s data masking of big data platform under the condition that the test data of TDMP data masking system has been verified by China Insurance Regulatory Commission through several rounds of large-scale test work and all the sensitive data are not leaked. In addition to the contract signed by Ping An Technology and Ping An Bank, this is the largest contract signed by Digital China’s TDMP data masking system and professional branch of Ping An Group. It is reported that the professional-level TDMP data masking system based on B/S architecture independently designed and developed by Digital China not only protects the security and legal compliance of sensitive data, but also meets the data masking demand of Ping An’s big data platform and traditional business’s system database, so as to ensure the availability and mine value of mass data to the maximum extent.

Customer Value

Through customized process transformation and function upgrading, Ping An Life Insurance abandons the processing mode of manual script masking independently adopted by each department, creates a united management platform for sensitive data masking, forms a set of definition identifications for sensitive data in all business systems and provides a reliable platform for data masking, unified scheduling and distribution.