• Business Scenario

    When securities institutions migrate to the cloud, their daily business shall be linked to the stock exchange, which has special requirements for dedicated lines and disaster recovery, and the privacy and security requirements on industry data are extremely high. Therefore, it is necessary to provide personalized and customized services for actual business scenarios.

  • Business Challenge

    With massive business data, the real-time and secure requirements are extremely high; Users are widely distributed, network requirements are high, and business fluctuations are large.

  • Solution

    Digital China team has customized the full-stack private cloud solution for the customer, including IDC data center’s construction, satellite ground station’s installation and placement, bare fiber and dedicated line’s layout on Multi-Service Transport Platform (MSTP), co-location hosting, operation, maintenance and security service, etc.; private cloud design and deployment, IaaS integrated service (99.99%): data dedicated service, IP resource service, metro optical fiber service, wide area satellite communication service, data center hosting service; abundant expert operation services; other personalized services: office resources.

Customer Value
  • Professional competence
    Digital and comprehensive consultation competence + operation competence
  • Private cloud ecosystem aggregation competence
    Telecom carrier/IDC provider.
  • Full license protection
    Full qualification and license guarantee.