• Business Scenario

    The customer wants to deploy a united CDP solution for all the brands across nine markets in Asia Pacific to build an efficient consumer engagement platform to meet future market demand and seize opportunities.

  • Business Challenge

    Build a scalable, modular, data-driven solution that enables consumers to experience a united experience across all channels.

  • Solution

    Digital China has deployed data collection applications to collect omnichannel data from POS systems, online websites and Tmall, developed a serverless data processor on ACS Kubernetes to read and integrate Kafka data to the database, and analyzed data with spark for preparing database report to be submitted by Tableau and Powerbi.

Customer Value
  • Seamless connection
    Increase customer demand by seamlessly connecting online and offline purchase experience;
  • Increased engagement
    Increase social and omnichannel engagement;
  • Understanding of different consumer behaviors
    Understand different consumer behaviors across geographies and channels;