• Business Scenario

    The customer is a high-tech company that independently develops and leases laser cinema projection equipment, peripherals and components. Its solution has been applied to nearly 4,500 Chinese sets, accounting for nearly 9% of the total number of screens in the Chinese market.

  • Business Challenge

    The customer needs to deploy an equipment leasing system to manage equipment nationwide, but the capacity of local data centers is becoming saturated. Besides, there is a bottleneck in the bandwidth of the central network, whose stability is limited during the peak period of businesses and which fails to better undertake new systems. The customer hopes to achieve high availability with cloud platform and ensure flexibility in new business while avoiding heavy initial investment.

  • Solution

    In view of customer applications, virtual machines that match corresponding specifications are configured; the database of PaaS platform are constructed to import data structure of local development test to the database; VPN gateway are built to integrate local network structure and VPC on cloud, and to create a hybrid cloud architecture system for the customer; the database is optimized to maximize the number of database access connections and maintain the stability and reliable of the database; for existing domain name’s filing, updates and new site information, website domain name are filed to make the operation of the platform meet policies, laws and regulations.

Customer Value
  • OPEX mode
    The OPEX mode saves 20% manpower and facilities for the customer
  • IT O&M cost saving
    Compared to on-cloud deployment, the model of local deployment saves 40% O&M cost
  • Acceleration of access speed
    With high availability of business, continuous and stable operation of business are guaranteed, accelerating website’s access speed by 50%
  • Guarantee of data security
    The interconnection between local network and cloud platform enables hybrid cloud architecture and ensures data security.
  • Reduced database O&M cost
    With PaaS layer database, self-built database is eliminated and capacity is expanded on demand, and database O&M cost is reduced by 30%