Feature of Grading Platform
  • User pain point
  • Program feature
  • Application scenario
User pain point

• Many types and great amount of enterprise data, unclear sensitive asset, and difficult to sort out;
• Incomplete definition and un-uniform sensitive data;
• Hard to implement management methods related to data classification and grading, late update, easy to cause leakage of new sensitive data.

Program feature

• Support diverse data sources, including traditional databases, big data platforms, and text files;
• Pre-defined and customized classification and grading methods for business demand;
• Cover the protection of government data, corporate trade secrets and personal data;
• Combine upstream and downstream data to provide situation visualization and data security management and control competence.

Application scenario

• Help users quickly identify and measure the company’s data assets;
• Help users classify and grade enterprise data assets to meet the requirements of equal protection;
• Help users automatically discover sensitive data (private data);
• Provide the basis for the user’s security management and control strategy.