Data Cloud Integration——A Methodological Framework for Enterprise Digital Transformation

Cloud-Native technologies drive the building of agile business capabilities of enterprises, and digital-native technologies make data a core asset that drives enterprise transformation. The digital transformation of an enterprise aims at forming the digital competitiveness of an enterprise through the deep and comprehensive integration of data assetization capability and business agility capability, so as to strengthen the enterprise's resilience in the market environment, continuously innovate business scenarios, and build new business growth engines.

Based on its 20 years of rich experience in the IT industry, Digital China has taken the lead in proposing the concept of "Data Cloud Integration" as a methodological framework for enterprise digital transformation.

Data Cloud Integration Technology Architecture
Data cloud integration scenario solution:It drives rapid value realization and continuous optimization and innovation from the perspective of business scenarios.
The technology platform solution for data cloud integration:It realizes the agile data business innovation platform with DevOps + DataOps
Data cloud integration services:MSP + professional services.

Data Cloud Integration Service
Consulting & Training

Based on the methodology of data cloud integration, we provide digital transformation path consulting services, agile data governance services empowering the core roles of digital transformation, and digital technology BP training services.

Application Scenario Development

Taking the business value pivot point as the entry point, based on the characteristics of business scenarios, we directly hit the business pain points, help customers solve problems through models and strategies, and offer model development and application system development services.

Cloud-Native Digital Technology Platform Construction

The construction of technologies and platforms for data governance, integration & analysis, and development & application based on Cloud-Native technology paradigms facilitates the efficient and flexible management of data, and better development of data business value.

Data Cloud Integration Workstation

It is built specifically to support the work of digital technology BP teams, for agile model development and release deployment, with a closed loop of data modeling to drive a closed loop of business iteration. By continuous integration, and continuous rigor, it aims at driving a spiraling cycle of business.

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