• Background

    Cangzhou Education Bureau has accelerated the pace of education informatization construction. After years of hard work, the coverage of campus network has been expanding. However, in the process of implementing the “School-to-School” project, there are some problems to be solved urgently.

    Business experience: High concurrency and high demand on network bandwidth.

    Basic network: Due to various teaching resources and applications, a simple and high-speed backbone network is required to bear them. The underlying network shall support future IPv6 applications.

    Network security: Internet risk applications are difficult to identify, and hidden dangers are exist in intranet security.

    O&M management: Due to slow business launching and hard equipment management, the customer is unable to achieve hierarchical decentralized management. Besides, it’s difficult to process branch fault and slow to identify problem.

  • Solution

    Core network: Two DCRS-7608E are deployed to core switches in a virtualized manner. As the heart of the whole network, the core of metropolitan area constantly powers all terminal systems to ensure the reliable operation of the whole education service system.

    Network exit: Dual HA are deployed to firewall and Internet behavior management. Firewall, Internet behavior management and other exit equipment and core are under dual 10 Gigabit connection and 2G Internet access bandwidth. In terms of protocol functions, exit area equipment are selected by considering the support of IPv6 protocol. A DCME-320 multi-core gateway is configured in the school to provide security protection at the campus security network boundary.

    O&M management: DCLM wired and wireless united management platform is positioned as a network management system that manages and controls network systems and business applications and ensures network and information security.


Customer Value

  • High-speed and stable
    High-performance core equipment serves as the backbone of the entire network, and key components of core equipment are fully redundant. At the same time, link aggregation technology of the carrier network is adopted to achieve multiple bandwidth enhancement and link redundancy backup, rushing stability and reliable of the entire network.
  • Safe and controllable
    The exit security gateway logically isolates the metropolitan area network from the Internet through security policies, and traffic shaping device ensures the smooth flow of critical services.
  • Intelligent O&M
    The system automatically discovers and identifies devices supporting SNMP and PING in the network, realizes real-time monitoring of various indicators and states, quickly locates alarm devices, and facilitates data analysis and use by administrators.