• Business Scenario

    As one of the largest sales vendors at Double 11 Shopping Festival, the customer owns more than 500 stores in China, which has become its most important overseas market.

  • Business Challenge

    The customer needs a united data platform to integrate data from multiple channels, platforms and devices to further serve various business departments, to conduct data analysis and forecasting, to calculate the return on investment of marketing activities, to predict sales and to track the balance between supply chain’s supply and demand, etc.

  • Solution

    Based on PaaS and SaaS services such as HDInsight, Blob Storage, Apache, etc. on the Azure platform, Digital China has adopted Hive, a mode of batch data processing, and KAP streaming processing mode for centralized and reasonable storage of multi-channel, internal and external data. It has established a powerful log management system to ensure the accuracy of data, and a big data analysis system with big data products.

Customer Value
  • United data platform
    Build a united data platform to store data of logistics, inventory, online and offline sales to achieve the unity of data sources;
  • Timeliness and accuracy
    Ensure real-time and accuracy of data storage through the high-performance data processing architecture;
  • Higher accuracy
    Provide data analysis for each business department with high-quality data sources, making the more accurate analysis report;