• Business Scenario

    Mass of data are stored in the back-end database of financial institutions, which should be protected from the perspective of business practices and data security. Once information leakage occurs, it will not only cause significant property losses, but also seriously damage the enterprise reputation.

    In the securities industry, the relevant laws and regulations, such as the Network Security Law of the People’s Republic of China, the Guidelines for Data Classification and Grading of Securities and Futures Industry, the Guidelines for Data Security of Securities and Futures Industry and the Measures for the Administration of Information Technology of Securities Fund Operating Institutions require corresponding data masking systems to protect sensitive data of internal production information system, to extract, bleach and encrypt data during transmission and exchange of sensitive data, to support data demand of business production and to ensure sensitive data is not leaked.

  • Business Challenge

    The database deployment architecture of the securities industry is characterized by complete physical isolation between the production data environment and the test data environment. Unlike other traditional network environment, the deployment of data masking directly connects production and test for data masking processing.

  • Solution

    Based on such customer scenarios, Digital China’s TDMP data masking product enables 2 masking programs, which have been launched in the customer’s actual cases. Both methods can meet the masking demand and pass validation in function, performance, etc.

    Program I: Source base data masking (UDF)

    This program is featured by minimizing process changes. Under the customer’s current data import process, the imported desensitized data is desensitized to the original database, without data flow, and the task is simple and efficient.

    Program 2: dmp file masking

    Based on the full analysis of the format of dmp file, the program directly desensitizes and generates the dmp file and imports the desensitized dmp file to the test base via import command or integrated import function.

Customer Value
  • Guarantee compliance of test data
    Satisfy national laws and regulations, as well as regulatory policy requirements of industry association and guarantee compliance of test data.
  • Increase awareness of data security protection
    Prevent leakage of sensitive information in production data, ensure data security, avoid data risk, and improve internal personnel’s awareness of data security protection.
  • Perfectly meet data requirements
    Present the feature of high simulation, ensure the data quality and consistency, and maintain the relevance of services.
  • Improve data management and efficiency
    Unite the application distribution by masking, improve management and raise efficiency of test data, simplify test data’ preparation process and save time.