At present, the cost growth rate of enterprise clouds is too fast. Hence, enterprise shall allocate cost or manage project expenses internally to allocate the complex billing model (CPP RI) of multiple clouds. Cloud cost management solution are available to all customers who are already in clouds and looking for cost optimization.

User Pain Point
  • Unexpected cost increase
    The increase of cloud expense exceeds expectations and the trend is irreversible.
  • Hardness to split bills
    It is difficult to split bills.
  • Cost rationality
    It’s hard to assess the reasonableness of project resource costs on clouds.
Visualization tool
Provide daily expense visualization tools for automatic bill splitting

Provide consultation and design services for architectures featured by high availability, disaster recovery in the same city, disaster recovery in different places, three centers in two places, dual-active, cross-cloud, etc., and customize architectures applicable for numerous clouds.

Cost reduction and efficiency improvement
Optimize cloud expense without cost to reduce cost and increase efficiency

According to the O&M demand of enterprises, customize and develop automated management script/interfaces to automate IT management processes and enhance efficiency.