Feature of Knowledge Management Platform
  • Application scenario
  • Platform strength
  • Successful case
Application scenario

• Responsive tide service: Build virtual digital workforce for enterprises to handle daily consultation, to respond to sudden and large influx of inquiries, to give standard answers, so as to save enterprises cost of employing full-time employees.
• All-round office assistant: Enable each employee to devote more energy into high-value work with artificial intelligence competence, such as multilingual reading and communication, meeting shorthand, turning picture to text, etc.
• Thoughtful user experience: Combined with the actual scene, users can easily develop more functions, such as setting automatic notifications on process nodes, automatic search and classification of meeting materials; rapid construction and query of knowledge base, etc.

Platform strength

• Multiple knowledge model: Meet personalized demands of different enterprise users for model fineness and construction cost with built-in programs of multiple knowledge learning and model construction;
• Assistive intelligence: Provide a variety of flexible enhanced assistive features that increase the probability that each questioner will get an accurate answer;
• Client-end: Provide a powerful Web client end, and enable adoption of office software, such as Enterprise WeChat and Microsoft Teams, making it easy for enterprise users to build internal assistant robots and external customer service robots.