• Business Scenario

    The customer office needs to automatically identify different employees to allocate work stations, so as to enhance the utilization rate of work stations and saves employees time to find their work stations by swiping cards.

  • Business Challenge

    Rapid response is required and the existing APIs of public cloud are inapplicable; private source codes are needed to protect customer privacy.

  • Solution

    Digital China has trained the employee’s face model with standard cameras and OpenCV codes for recognition; adopted Python library to design the interface to meet customer demand; saved photos of existing employees and asked them to register their photos by themselves for face recognition.

Customer Value
  • Enhanced efficiency
    Efficiency is improved by abandon looking for work stations by swiping cards.
  • Guaranteed privacy
    Employee privacy is protected given that no employee photo shall be uploaded to public cloud.
  • Reduced costs
    Innovative applications and work at very low cost are feasible with open-source AI modules.