Service Outline

With a variety of businesses running on the cloud, IT personnel needs to make united management of all businesses based on best practices, including account, network, expense, security, compliance, and architecture.

User Pain Points
  • Lack of planning and management
    Resources on the cloud shall be planned and managed well
  • Unclear permission
    Account permissions on the cloud are unclear
  • Lack of planning
    Enterprise network on the cloud are lack of planning
  • Enterprise network on the cloud are lack of planning
    Cloud environment have compliance audit requirements
One-stop service
From architecture design to deployment of one-stop service

Provide consultation and design services for architectures featured by high availability, disaster recovery in the same city, disaster recovery in different places, three centers in two places, dual-active, cross-cloud, etc., and customize architectures applicable for numerous clouds.

One-time design
Make one-time design as per equal security scenarios

According to the O&M demand of enterprises, customize and develop automated management script/interfaces to automate IT management processes and enhance efficiency.

Hub-Spoke model
Adopt Hub-Spoke design model

Build a big data platform for you in the cloud, deploy and develop Hadoop, Kafka, Storm, Spark and other related system clusters and real-time big data stream processing systems.