• Business Scenario

    Oriental Pearl is a well-known new media carrier and a leading comprehensive cultural industry group in China, providing users with rich, diversified and distinctive video services and first-class entertainment products, such as video shopping, cultural tourism consumption, film, television dramas and games. The company has been ranked among the world’s Top 500 media companies and has been selected as one of China's “Top 30 Cultural Enterprises” for 7 consecutive years.

  • Business Challenge

    The customer needs a big data platform to synchronize member data and form accurate user portraits based on analysis to provide personalized and customized content recommendations, to achieve refined operations that serve customer business, to build a development and operation environment for Internet service architecture, and to reduce O&M difficulty through cloud deployment mode.

  • Solution

    Digital China has provided consultation services and comprehensive technical support on the construction of big data platform. We adopted big data processing services on the cloud to preset a fully hosted Hadoop framework, provided a cloud management platform to help customer with hybrid cloud management and boost continuous resource scaling for a wide range of future applications with Hadoop cluster dynamic scaling competence.

Customer Value
  • Enhanced competitiveness
    With the big data platform, personalized content recommendation and new media services are available to improve customer competitiveness
  • Accelerated digitization process
    The customer’s digitization is accelerated by matching and integrating hundreds of millions of user information from different data sources
  • Expanded big data business
    The platform is based on scalable cloud computing resources and supports the customer to further develop big data business.
  • Reduced O&M difficulty
    The united management of hybrid cloud on Yunbo platform has lowered the O&M difficulty sharply
  • Saved cost
    Help the corporate save up to 30% cost annually