• Background

    Huocheng County Vocational Education Center is a comprehensive vocational school integrating vocational education, technical education and vocational training. It provides a large number of middle and intermediate technical talents for the society every year. Campus network is an important infrastructure for school’s informatized application. In recent years, with the continuous expansion of school scale and the continuous deepening of informatized applications, the current campus network cannot meet the increasingly complex business demands in terms of availability, controllability and maintainability. It’s urgent to build a brand-new campus network with stronger performance, higher reliability, better security, easier management and maintenance, and more suitable for its informatized demands on business applications.

  • Solution

    The whole scheme adopts a modular architecture, which divides campus network into network core area, teaching access area and office access area. The network core ensures reliable and efficient data exchange, while the core enables routing protocols as a Layer 3 gateway. The teaching, office and living access area are mainly responsible for regional high-speed access. The private network area is mainly deployed with finance-related all-purpose card and other applications. The network exit area is responsible for ensuring the security of the entire campus network, distinguishing and controlling different traffic types, ensuring the effective use of bandwidth, and deploying online behavior audit logs to meet the security requirements of national laws and regulations.

Customer Value

  • Multi-network convergence
    A set of physical network carries a number of strategic functions, such as teaching training, educational administrative matter, campus security, etc., slumping the construction cost.
  • Plug-and-play
    The automatic configuration enables rapid networking and lowers work pressure of network management teachers in the replacement of daily equipment.
  • Flexible strategy
    With flexible strategies, the deployment and migration of complex business applications become easier and flexible, driving more developments of innovative businesses of intelligent campus.
  • Visual O&M
    Based on the simple and convenient management method, management teachers can release more energies and focus on teaching and training.