• Background

    Anhui Museum (Old Museum) is the only provincial-level comprehensive museum integrating nature, history and social education in Anhui Province, with nearly 230,000 cultural relics. In recent years, multimedia, information technology and museum work have gradually merged, which have been an indispensable work in the development of museum cause. Before the renovation of Anhui Museum, the equipment was seriously aging, and the network equipment had a long service life, which could not meet business requirements. In addition, due to lack of wireless coverage and security design, horizontal and vertical business data are complex, causing potential risk of virus flooding and so on. Hence, network security protection should be strengthened.

  • Solution

    Based on the investigation and analysis of existing resources, basic business workflows, information processes and digitization status of each business department of the museum, Digital China proposed to construct intelligent WLAN library and a a digital business support platform feature by high reliability, security and stability.

    For the core network, two DCRS-9816 core switches are adopted to share information and synchronize table entries among devices in the whole virtualization system through VSF virtualization technology. Then, the overall performance and port density of the virtualization system under VSF technology have been multiplied, which improves the bandwidth and reliable of network connection and ensures the stable operation of the network.

    According to different scenarios and service demands on reasonable deployment of DCN in the museum, Digital China has proposed high-performance wireless access points WL8200 series AP zero configuration and instant plug and play. With the ImCloud intelligent management platform, it integrates wireless management, authentication and maintenance, slumping the operation and maintenance workload of network management personnel.

    Foe the exit, DCFW-1800E firewall + three-dimensional security protection system for behavior situational awareness are adopted to acquire user’s network behavior logs for in-depth modeling analysis, to help customers understand behavior risks and to strengthen security protection by auditing, asset management, data analysis, situation presentation, etc.

Customer Value

In view of network status quo of Anhui Museum, Digital China provides the Museum with higher practicality, more convenient management mode, more reliable network security and stronger expansibility network architecture by virtue of its rich network product portfolios and grasp of future digitization trend, and builds a sustainable and evolving digital network.

  • Dual Core VSF Technology
    Dual core VSF technology are featured by higher stability and reliability and better performance.
  • Scenario deployment
    WLAN scenario deployment is to solve wireless intelligent coverage of various scenarios.
  • Highly secure and reliable exit
    With highly secure and reliable exit, situational awareness protects against potential safety hazards.