• Business Scenario

    It involves the migration of multiple Alibaba Cloud accounts, including 30 gold business systems and the migration of HCMk 8s clusters to Huawei Cloud cce. Therefore, from June to August 2021, these businesses were relocated to Huawei Public Cloud as a whole.

Customer Pain Point
  • High O&M cost
    Huabang Holdings has a number of branches. Originally, there were four offline data centers with their own cloud platform accounts and independent management, causing insufficient infrastructure security protection.
  • Poor scalability
    With the rapid development of businesses, the original offline IDC rooms are hard to carry the business demand, and the cloud transformation is urgent.
  • Poor safety
    The monolithic architecture is used in many business applications, lacking an upgradable environment.
  • Concerns about future planning
    The customer is worried about the difficulties encountered by their businesses on the cloud, and feels confused about cloud architecture planning and management.
  • Solution

    Digital China’s professional services; multiple feasibility analysis meetings and POC tests on system migration and professional services to dispel customer concerns to provide the customer with assured escort services.
    Flexibility, security and availability: Huawei Cloud ECS and RDS (primary and backup) used to build business systems, to support cloud backup, to ensure high service availability, to meet business development demand, and to enjoy cloud benefits.
    Containerized transformation: By virtue of Huawei Cloud Kubernetes, CCE has been adopted to build a cloud-native environment for business systems to gradually containerize applications, such as HR management system.
    Account hierarchical management: With the use of main and sub accounts, head office and branches has been separated and the management of multi-level organizational structure was realizable.
    Finally, resource were integrated for united network, management and data management.

Customer Income
  • Worry-free cloud escort service
    Clear away doubts about multi-platform migration and contribute to subsequent overall public cloud’s infrastructure planning, construction and O&M
  • Get rid of IT “resource” constraints
    Business transformation is application-centric, business-centric, and free of IT “resource” constraints
  • Reduce cost
    Resources are allocated on demand to reduce IT investment and O&M cost
  • Reduce risk cost
    Efficient O&M is applied to reduce risk cost of IT failure