• Background

    Wuhan Xingou Middle School covers an area of 53,333.33 square meters, building area of 9,186 square meters and complete teaching facilities. The smart campus is constructed in accordance with the united standards and specifications of the national standard GB T 36342 Overall Framework of Smart Campus. Relying on the construction specifications and act standards of smart campus, the existing campus network environment must be optimized and reconstructed.

  • Solution

    In line with the construction demand of Wuhan Xingou Middle School Smart Campus, Digital China has launched a large two-layer network architecture DCN to replace the traditional three-layer one. The 10 Gigabit aggregation and access, and IP routing information are all received to the core switch of the overall campus network. By upgrading exit security equipment and deploying high-performance next-generation firewall + behavior control, that is, meeting the demand of smart campus high-speed access to the Internet can back up and retain campus network data and meet the requirements of Order 82 of the Ministry of Public Security. Besides, DCN CS16909E of “Yunshi” series, the core of the whole network, and advanced CLOS architecture, are adopted to support rich features of data center, such as multi-virtual-one VSF, one-virtual-multi VDF, network convergence FCoE, DCBX, virtual machine awareness VEPA, large two-layer TRILL, software-defined network SDN/OpenFlow, etc. Digital China has also optimized the coverage of wireless campus network and deployed a new generation of WiFi6 wireless local area network, which has the characteristics of easy management, easy maintenance and high performance, providing high-performance and full-coverage wireless network for different application scenarios like mobile teaching and mobile office in smart campus.

Customer Value

  • High availability
    The industry-unique three-plane physical separation of management, control and data are used in core equipment to provide high-performance, high-availability, high-security and flexible expansion competences.
  • Strong fusion
    With the support of N: 1 and 1: N virtualization, smart sensing of campus network and data center network have different demands on core equipment
  • Easy management
    The wireless authentication system integrates authentication, network management and wireless control, providing users with easy-to-deploy, easy-to-maintain and easy-to-expand network applications, docking with third-party security audit systems, and realizing real-name Internet log functions in accordance with Order 82.