• Business Scenario

    As a large-scale comprehensive financial institution, our client supplies diversified financial products and services, owns huge customer base and complex business system, and has strong demand for data governance and stricter requirements for data security.

  • Business Challenge

    Firstly, the customer’s business systems are numerous and contain mass data, including Oracle, GreenPlum and other database types; secondly, it has high compliance requirements, and data use authority shall be clearly divided; thirdly, with rapid change of business demand, data timeliness is required.

  • Solution

    Adopt flexible user-defined task separation strategy and mixed data masking method;

Customer Value
  • Configuration of masking task
    Implementers create and configure the data masking task, and supervisors review the task.
  • Clear Division of Labor
    Test data users plan the task, and make clear division of labor.
  • Database Desensitization
    It only takes 2 hours to desensitize 300 GB data and 800 tables of database.