• Background

    Plateno Group covers nearly 20 brands, owns over 1.5 billion members and more than 6,600 stores in 470+ cities nationwide. In 2015, by virtue of powerful combination between Plateno and Jinjiang, they have become one of the members of the second international hotel group.

    With the great abundance of mobile devices and the popularity of BYOD, the focus of hotel network infrastructure is shifting from wired to wireless status, and wireless network has become the most important part of hotel network infrastructure. The hotel’s network infrastructure solution should be a whole network deployment solution based on the combination of independent hardware products. Besides providing Internet access, wired and wireless access of local area network, it has the characteristics of easy deployment and management, integrated flow control, integrated wireless controller, basic security management, etc.

  • Solution

    Since ImCloud public cloud platform provides network equipment cloud management, united configuration and management, network O&M, wireless authentication, etc., for nearly 2,000 stores, hotel guests can enjoy secure and stable wireless internet access. Through cloud network planning, cloud deployment and of cloud devices, rapid network services and automatic deployment are available. Through cloud network optimization, cloud patrol inspection and cloud management system, the whole network are centralized, visualized and automated. At the same time, it meets the basic requirements of business guarantee, security and openness.

Customer Value

  • Reduced cost
    With plug-and-play switch and wireless device, the customer can quickly turn on the network, and shorten equipment start time by 80%. In addition, with centralized management, the customer can lower skill appeal and reduce OPEX by 70%.
  • Commercial push
    Different stores push different portals according to their brands, and new pages in stores are updated flexibly to enhance the hotel’s brand value.
  • Worry-free O&M
    Intelligent cloud O&M, one-click online upgrade, cloud configuration and cloud network diagnosis.
  • Multiple authentication method
    Diversified authentication methods, such as SMS, social media, WeChat, APP, QR code, etc., are available to push differentiated hotel advertising information.
  • Full-scene wireless experience
    The program is appliable to the whole guestrooms without dead corner, including conference hall and other dense scenes. Directional antennas are used indoors to innovate high-density AP, including outdoor terrace pool, outdoor AP, and keep stable, waterproof, lightning-proof, and high powered.