• Business Scenario

    Due to the rapid development of customer business, high cost of original model and terrible flexibility, it’s urgent to deploy hybrid cloud architecture to disperse the system pressure caused by business peak. The customer faces a large number of O&M and cloud migration tasks.

  • Business Challenge

    Since the customer’s brand website is hosted in the IDC room, the hosting and bandwidth rental are expensive. In the long-term run, it faces the challenges of lower availability, reliability, or elasticity, as well as lack of control over the hosting environment. Hence, it is required to provide multi-cloud O&M within nearly five years to ensure smooth business operation.

  • Solution

    Based on Azure, Alibaba Cloud, and its own data center, Digital China has designed the overall architecture of the hybrid cloud platform with nearly 1,000 servers;

    By migrating from the internal data center to the Azure platform and then to Alibaba Cloud, the customer has reduced costs step by step and minimized the relevant impacts on businesses;

    We have assisted the customer to carry out level 2 certification of cybersecurity classified protection, design and deploy security programs;

Customer Value
  • 24*7 uninterrupted operation
    Provide high-quality O&M and 24*7 uninterrupted operation in the past five years.
  • Security compliance certification
    Gain a controllable platform that certified for security compliance.
  • Cost saving
    Optimize configuration and save cost based on monitoring statistics.
  • Remote disaster recovery
    Ensure data security by remote disaster recovery.