Initial Aspiration and Mission: Digital China

Digital China commits itself to be an explorer, practitioner and enabler of digital China. It will explore the unknown and measure the digitization road with firm steps, dare to be the first rather than follow the existing road, seek for best practices with Digital China scenarios to reconstruct itself, provide digital services as per our own practice and accumulations, and boost the digitalization of the whole society. In the new period of “accelerating digital development and building digital China”, we will abide by our initial aspiration, fulfill our mission and become the backbone to boost the construction and development of digital China.

Vision:Become A Leading Partner of Digital Transformation

Adhering to the initial aspiration and mission of “Digital China” and the principle of “holding the lead in concept, technology and practice”, we regard the strong digital industry ecological strength as cornerstone and excellent digitization technology, product and service close to customer scenarios as carrier, continue to boost the digitalization process of the whole society, and lead the development of digital economy, so as to realize symbiosis and synchronous progress among customers, ecologies, employees and investors, and strive to become a leading partner in digital transformation.

Value: Assist Customer, Create Value, Pursue Excellence, Keep Open and Win-Win Attitude

“At the heart of strategy are values. Only by adhering to our common values can we form our future vision and goal. In turn, the common values become the constraint of the entire company and eventually turn into conscious behavior.” -- Guo Wei

Assisting customer is the starting point of all decisions. Creating value is the standard to measure all work, pursuing excellence is our attitude towards doing things, and keeping open and win-win attitude is our pattern and the final result. The interlocking gears of these values shall push everyone in the organization forward.