• Business Scenario

    As the world’s leading brand of casual wear, the customer owns more than 3,500 stores worldwide.

  • Business Challenge

    During holidays and market events, its online traffic surges, and Asia Pacific IT departments needs to operate and manage 4 clouds (Azure/AWS/Ali/Tencent).

  • Solution

    Digital China has assisted the customer to re-architect and plan the enterprise cloud platform to smoothly migrate its workloads to any public cloud and select the appropriate public cloud as per business scenario. Besides, due to its tens of millions of annual cloud consumption, Digital China has helped IT department split cloud bills based on business and customize monitoring items and scripts as required. During the period of Double 11 and Double 12, Digital China provides on-site support to expand large-scale capacity rapidly and ensure smooth operation of businesses.

Customer Value
  • Applicable for all platforms and events
    The supports are applicable for all the e-commerce platforms and marketing events;
  • Growth of business scale
    The scale of online business is increased by 5 times;
  • United quality
    The service quality of multi-cloud platform is united;
  • Better service quality
    The better service quality at the infrastructure layer is provided;