Cloud-Native technologies drive the building of agile business capabilities of enterprises, and digital-native technologies make data a core asset that drives enterprise transformation
Amid the cloud-Native technology methodology, Digital China assists you to build a new model of development, delivery and O&M model, permitting applications to root and grow in cloud and helping your business operate efficiently, steadily, and securely
Relying on cloud, big data and artificial intelligence technology, Digital China injects digital innovation competences into your enterprise to enhance data quality, to guarantee data security, to deeply mine existing data resources of enterprises, and to realize data asset value
Achieve customers
By Industry
  • Finance
    Data Masking Security
    Mass of data are stored in the back-end database of financial institutions, which should be protected from the perspective of business practices and data security
  • Retail FMCG
    one-stop multi-cloud
    With one-stop multi-cloud resource and multi-cloud service management and efficient DevOps O & M competence, our customer can quickly deploy new online service, expand capacity in minutes during promotion, and slash operation and maintenance cost
  • Automobile
    Shared Travel Cloud
    Based on comprehensive competence of multi-cloud MSP and system development, Digital China has completed all work in China, including resource adaptation, launching & deployment, system test, online operation, localization and continuous iterative development, and supports the whole process through DevOps