2023 / 12
The Highest Honor for Chinese Management Practice: The “2023 Ram Charan Management Practice Award” for Management Practice of Digital China Led by Guo Wei

On October 27, the winners of the 2023 Ram Charan Management Practice Award were announced. The outstanding corporate strategy management methodology proposed by Guo Wei, chairman and CEO of Digital China, in his book The Power of Time, won the “2023 Ram Charan Management Practice Award - Award of Excellence”.


The Ram Charan Management Practice Award is a non-profit award jointly launched by the Chinese edition of Harvard Business Review and Mr. Ram Charan in 2017. It is voted by management experts according to the principles of objectivity, integrity, scientificity and timeliness, representing the highest honor for Chinese management practice. The award is intended to recognize and commend corporate executives who have innovated and contributed to Chinese management practice, and build a platform for learning management experience.

The Ram Charan Management Practice Award - Award of Excellence is a permanent award presented to 20 winners that are selected by judging and scoring. The winners of the award will be selected into the Harvard Business Review’s Chinese case base, and will also have the opportunity to be selected into the Harvard Business Review’s case study official account and the MOOK Handbook of Case Studies.

The winning of the award this time means that the corporate management thought and methodology summarized by Guo Wei based on his 30 years of management experience and implemented in Digital China has been highly recognized by authoritative experts and scholars in the field of management.


Looking back on the past, with a deep insight into the digital industry, and based on Digital China's development gene and future direction, Guo Wei has led the core management team of Digital China to develop a time management system with strategic management as the core. He believes that in an enterprise, the management of time is as important as the management of people, money and material. If the time management of the enterprise is poor and the team fails to coordinate effectively, the time spent by managers and employees will be wasted as a sunk cost. Relying on the time management system, Guo Wei has led Digital China to develop a set of original strategic planning tools - the “Dam Plan”, and publicize and implement the strategic thoughts developed based on it, so as to achieve a unity of thinking among the leadership and make the whole company pull together, thus leading the enterprise towards the goal of development with strong organizational consistency. In 2019, considering its “reference and innovation value in the field of management practice”, the strategic management case of Digital China Group was selected as “Valuable Chinese Management Cases of the Year”, which was recognized by authoritative institutions such as the China Management Science Society.

Now, the time management system summarized by Guo based on his own management experience and core thoughts and implemented in Digital China, has become increasingly rich, elaborated in the book The Power of Time with many specific cases, which has received a good response in the market.

As an explorer, practitioner and enabler in the digital industry of China, Digital China has experienced the modernization, informatization and digitization processes of Chinese enterprises, and has grown into a giant in the digital industry with tens of thousands of employees, and tens of thousands of partners and customers. Along the way, we have been always adhering to the original aim and mission of the “digital industry of China”, working hard on the fields of “digital and cloud technology”, in an effort to provide our customers with the world’s leading digital products and services. We have successfully finished large-scale projects in such fields as automobile, FMCG and retail, finance, operators and vocational education and become a trusted digital brand. With our solid and reliable professional proficiency under the guidance of our corporate vision of “being committed to becoming a leading digital transformation partner” and our strategic framework of “digital and cloud integration”, we have not only been recognized by a number of international third-party authorities, but also been included in several authoritative lists related to digitization.

Nowadays, with the digital transformation entering the deep end, the demand for digital transformation of enterprises is more and more complex, and efficient development is increasingly important to business management. The ideas of strategic management and organizational leadership proposed by Guo Wei in his book The Power of Time will provide inspiration and thinking for enterprises to improve their operating efficiency in the period of digital economy.

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