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Digital China's Strategic Deployment in Generative AI: Shenzhou Wenxue Platform Officially Released

On October 26, 2023, China Info 100 Summit 2023 was held, when Digital China officially released the platform of Shenzhou Wenxue, and released the White Paper on Application of Generative AI in Enterprises with the China Info 100 Academy, joining hands with around ten partners of the industrial ecosphere to launch “Generative AI Learning and Creation Program” and seek a way out for generative AI of enterprises with the concerted effort of the three parties.

Guo Wei, chairman and CEO of Digital China, “In the future, enterprises will enter a new era integrating cloud native, digital native, and AI native. In the next decade, the strategies of all enterprises will make full use of the three native technologies (cloud native, digital native, AI native) to seek a breakthrough in their own business. Digital China is also willing to become a partner for the enterprises throughout their digital transformation. Let's usher in this great era together.”


Release of the “Shenzhou Wenxue” platform

For some time past, the large model of AI has become the “focus of spotlight” in the field of global scientific innovation. As an important application direction of large models, generative AI has become one of the important tools for digital transformation of enterprises, infusing their digital transformation with revolutionary innovation and subversive force. Committed to becoming a leading digital transformation partner, Digital China suggests that generative AI should have a deeper understanding of all industries and offer a greater impetus to digital transformation.

The wave of generative AI technology can be seen as another round of major technological driving force for the digital transformation of enterprises. With products as the core, the Shenzhou Wenxue Platform launched by Digital China provides enterprises with the connection capability with models, hashrate, data and applications on one platform. It is not only a one-stop large model integration platform for enterprises, but also a large-model based operation platform for enterprises.


Li Gang, Vice President and CTO of Digital China, said, “With Shenzhou Wenxue platform as the core, we do not develop a basic large model, but develop the integration and application development and delivery platform of large models to accelerate the AI innovation of enterprises. We are a service partner of big data to accelerate the data governance upgrade of enterprises; we develop ecological links, model market, data market, application store to accelerate industrial innovation and ecological breakthrough.”

Every reform of digital technology paradigm will deeply affect and reshape the economic pattern and social structure. In the face of the new technology wave in the era of digital civilization, Digital China will focus on the generative AI market of enterprises, help industrial clients quickly build their capabilities in the four levels of model, hashrate, data and scenario, effectively open the channel from generative AI technology to business scenarios in the enterprises, in the joint effort to build the power of digitalization.

Launch of “Generative AI Learning and Creation Program”

Although in the future, enterprises will redefine development, testing, design, production, manufacturing, marketing, service, risk control, and intelligent decision-making methods based on the drive of generative AI technology, there is still a huge gap to cross before the shift in the real transformation of universal large model technology into scenario-based value in enterprises, and the transformation from technology to productivity. Faced with these problems, Digital China suggests that the development of any industry is inseparable from the power of ecology. Digital China also hopes to gather the power of ecology and fully tap the application value and potential of generative AI for enterprises.


At the site of the forum, the “Generative AI Learning and Creation Program” was officially launched under the witness of representatives of more than ten innovative head industrial users, large model enterprises, cloud computing enterprises, financial technology enterprises, automotive industry's big data innovation enterprises, AI hashrate infrastructure and other upstream and downstream parties of the industrial chain. In the future, the “Generative AI Learning and Creation Program” will continue to orient around the industrial ecology, welcome all sectors of the industry to participate with an open attitude, support the application of generative AI technology in the enterprise clients for co-creation and co-building, reduce their innovation cost, and accelerate the fulfillment of generative AI's application value in enterprises.

Release of White Paper on the Application of Generated AI Technology in Enterprises

More importantly, in this reform of technological paradigm led by generative AI, the rapid outbreak of information boom has resulted in information overload, where enterprises often face tough choice and unnecessary anxiety when trying to grasp the trend of generative AI technology and evaluate the potential impact of technological progress on their business. Digital China realizes that the current progress and various application practices of generative AI technology need to be reviewed and summarized, so as to map a clear technology development blueprint for the industry, help enterprises better understand the trend, and then develop more scientific and forward-looking strategic plans.


To this end, Digital China and the China Info 100 Academy jointly released the White Paper on the Application of Generative AI Technology in Enterprises, which not only reflects on and summarizes the innovations and challenges of generative AI technology from the perspective of six-layer technology ecology, but also explores and summarizes the application practice of generative AI in enterprises and the policy and trend of AI industry, caring for both macro events and every key technical details in its application, with an aim to promote the exchanges and cooperation between industries, create a win-win cooperation mode, and accelerate the digital transformation to reach a new stage.

The explosion of technological changes and application scenarios triggered by generative AI is still in its early stage. However, the application of generative AI has become an irreversible trend in the digital transformation of enterprises. Digital China hopes that the white paper can provide valuable reference and inspiration for the industry, help people understand key technologies, and better realize digital transformation, so as to cope with the huge and complex opportunities and challenges, and grasp the infinite opportunities brought by generative AI technology.

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