2023 / 11
Digital China Ranked 157th in the “TOP500 List of Digital Economy Enterprises”

Recently, the “TOP500 List of Digital Economy Enterprises” has been officially released, and Digital China (000034.SZ) ranked 157th with a good revenue performance of 115.88 billion yuan.


The list was developed after the China Enterprises Evaluation Association and the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology evaluated more than 17,000 digital economy enterprises with the TOP500 evaluation method based on the definition of digital economy enterprise. In the specific process of evaluation and research, the hosting party adopted the digital business income and market value / valuation as the main measurement indicators, and established the correct coefficient based on indicators such as the candidates' overall strength, performance, digital level, innovation level, enterprise efficiency, and social public opinion. Finally, the TOP500 digital economy enterprises of 2022 were selected.

As a practitioner, leader and enabler of digital economy, Digital China has forged ahead with the mission of promoting the digital industry of China and been committed to becoming a leading digital transformation partner. During its exploration practice over the years, Digital China initiated the “digital and cloud integration” strategic technology framework system around the key elements of digital transformation. With the new market opportunities brought by AIGC, it has built digital business scenarios and new business models with crossover integration and innovation, helped enterprise clients build their core capabilities and competitive advantages oriented around the future, and comprehensively promoted the society's digital and intelligent transformation and upgrading.

In terms of digital and cloud integration, based on the opportunities and challenges in the development of cloud native and digital native, Digital China has set up a data cloud integration technology framework system, formed full stack capabilities covering data cloud integration consulting, cloud-end application development, the construction of a cloud native application management platform, and MSP + service, and owned a number of products and unique solutions with independent intellectual property rights, thereby effectively supporting the data assets for the enterprise's ubiquitous, agile business capabilities.

In terms of AI application, in the face of various challenges faced by AI application, Digital China launched a one-stop, enterprise-level large model integration platform - Shenzhou Wenxue. As the core product of Digital China's generative AI, Shenzhou Wenxue not only can allow enterprise clients to release their own chatbot in a short time, but also achieve an ideal effect in scenarios such as enterprise knowledge quiz, emotion analysis and sentence classification. It has been verified as successful in various scenarios with several Fortune 500 companies and been applied continually in such fields as medicine, customer service, and superkeeper.

Meanwhile, Digital China has recently released the White Paper on the Application of Generative AI Technology in Enterprises, providing a clear blueprint for technology development of the industry, helping enterprises better understand the trends, develop their strategies, interact and communicate with each other, and creating the best routine guide for the application of generative AI technology in the industry.

In addition, in terms of hashrate, considering the great hashrate demand from the eruption of the AI large model, Shenzhen Kuntai, a subsidiary of Digital China has developed an integrated intelligent computing platform covering heterogeneous intelligent hashrate of “ARM+GPU+SPU”, an intelligent computing network with a large bandwidth, low latency, and zero packet loss, and distributed flash intelligent computing storage with a large capacity, a high performance, low latency, and built a powerful hashrate platform, an operation capacity platform and a storage capacity platform to support the base. At present, Shenzhou Kuntai's hashrate products have won several large orders with a value of 100 million yuan, being a solid digital partner for clients in such fields as operators, vocational education, and finance.

In 2023, grasping the development opportunities brought by digital technologies such as AIGC, Digital China has maintained a steady growth. In the first three quarters of 2023, its operating revenue reached 84.155 billion yuan, its net profit attributable to parent company reached 851 million yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 25%; its net profit after deducting the non-recurring profit and loss was 843 million yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 28%. The brilliant performance has laid a solid foundation for the rapid growth of Digital China throughout the year and the achieving of its annual performance target.

In the context that digital transformation is constantly advanced, Digital China will continue to actively grasp the great development opportunities brought by digital economy, firm the enterprise-level layout of generative AI, continuously deepen the digital transformation of enterprises, improve endogenous high quality growth while increase the dynamic force of expansion and development, thereby boosting the digital development of enterprises with solid strength.

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