2023 / 11
Digital China Selected into the All-Star List of Most Admired Chinese Companies by Fortune

On November 21, Fortune released the list of “The Most Admired Chinese Companies in 2023”, and Digital China (000034.SZ) was selected for the first time ranking 38th and included in the all-star list. Its comprehensive influence and core competitiveness were recognized by the authority again.


“The Most Admired Chinese Companies” is one of Fortune’s most authoritative lists and one of the best lists to reflect the comprehensive capabilities and soft power of companies. The candidates were evaluated and selected by extensive questionnaire and weighted calculation based on the scoring by the editorial department to present the companies most respected and admired by nearly 40,000 Chinese enterprise managers, as well as the score ranking of enterprises in different industries in terms of management ability, talent attraction, product / service capability, social responsibility, and investment value perspective. Among them, the 50 companies with the highest comprehensive score were included in the all-star list of “Most Admired Chinese Companies”.

Fortune notes that the Chinese companies on the list have won praise from the industry, especially from their peers, while achieving business success. They have their own characteristics in terms of management level and ability, sustainability and social responsibility, showing the rare resilience of Chinese companies under pressure and change.

Committed to becoming a leading digital transformation partner, since it initiated the strategy of “data cloud integration” in 2022, Digital China has always been adhering to its original aspiration, insisted on “leading in concept, technology and practice”, firmly promoted the fulfillment of its strategy, and advanced its development with digital technology. It has actively practiced its social responsibility, with an eye-catching performance in terms of innovation capacity, long-term investment value, and social responsibility. Its market influence and core competitiveness have become stronger, making itself an important force to lead the development of digital economy.

According to the third quarterly report released recently, thanks to the continuous deepening of its data cloud integration strategic layout, the accelerated breakthrough and fulfillment of its strategic business, the revenue of Digital China in the first three quarters reached 84.155 billion yuan; the net profit with non-recurring gain and loss deducted reached 843 million yuan, up 28% year on year, among which its two major strategic businesses, cloud and information technology application innovation maintained a rapid growth of 36% and 69% respectively. Its strategic transformation has driven the growth of its value and further highlighted the power of its growth.

In the face of the current development status of AI based large model, Digital China has focused its innovation on accelerating AI innovation of enterprises, and firmly deployed generative AI in enterprises. Digital China has launched a one-stop large model based integrated platform for enterprises - Shenzhou Wenxue, released the White Paper on Application of Generative AI in Enterprises, and joined hands with dozens of ecological forces of the industry to launch the “Learning and Creation Program of Generative AI”, so as to fully enable the enterprises to solve the various core challenges faced by the application of generative AI in enterprises and accelerate their digital innovation. Meanwhile, in the face of the high growth of demand for computing power brought by generative AI, Digital China has also launched a new practice of “intelligent computing” at the infrastructure level by launching full-stack intelligent computing products and solutions in succession, which have also won large orders successively.

In addition, in boosting digital transformation in all walks of life, Digital China is constantly improving its own digital performance, allowing more employees to establish digital thinking, enhance digital cognition, improve digital skills, and become digital experts, and making full use of digital concept and practice to seek common development with stakeholders such as users, shareholders, and partners.

Digital China believes that how to embrace the wave of digitalization and achieve value transformation is not only an issue to be considered by every industry and enterprise, but also an issued to be considered by everyone. Entering the integration era of cloud native, digital native and AI native, Digital China is striving to become a partner of the enterprises in the whole life cycle of their digital transformation and seek win-win cooperation with the industry.

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