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With a Firm Deployment in Generative AI of Enterprises, Digital China Holds a Forum on Data Cloud Integration and Application of Large Models in Enterprises

On October 26, during the 2023 China Info 100 Summit, Digital China held a forum with the theme of “Digital and Cloud Integration and the Application Practice of Large Models in Enterprises”. Many enterprise users and industrial chain partners got together to open a new chapter of Digital China in digital cloud integration and upgrade.

On the forum, Digital China officially released its heavyweight core product platform in its deployment of generative AI - Shenzhou Wenxue and launched the “Learning and Creation Program”. Many enterprise and industrial users, manufacturers in the generative AI based large model technology ecosphere, research partners had an in-depth dialogue around the key points of the actual application of generative AI in enterprises and their way to seek a breakthrough in ecology, achieving ecological synergy and accelerating the AI innovation of enterprise clients.


Meet the future of the generative AI market

Since the onset of this year, generative AI technology represented by large model has become the most important technology singularity, as the traditional technology system, organizational structure, business model, and industry form has been restructured at a faster speed, and the integration of digital technology and industrial entities has stepped into a new stage in depth and extensiveness, which has infused new vitality into the innovative development and digital, intelligent transformation of different industries. The generative AI has further become an important engine to continually promote industrial upgrading and high-quality economic growth.

Gartner predicts that by 2026, more than 80% of enterprises will use generative AI API or models, or deploy applications that support generative AI in production environments, which will also bring great opportunities and challenges for the development of the industry.


Facing the future of generative AI, Guo Wei, chairman and CEO of Digital China, said in his speech, Digital China will also make a firm deployment in generative AI. In the future, enterprises will enter the era with the integration of cloud native, digital native, AI native technologies. In the next 10 years, the strategy of enterprises will be subverted and reconstructed based on three native technologies. Digital China hopes to work with industrial chain partners to embrace a win-win future.

Developing a one-stop solution for the application of generative AI “with three aspects in one”

Focusing on the core challenges existing in the application of generative AI and large model technology in enterprises, at the forum, based on the Shenzhou Wenxue platform, the White Paper and the Learning and Creation Program, Digital China showed a way out for generative AI application in enterprises.

Shenzhou Wenxue was unveiled for the first time. As the core product of Digital China’s generative AI strategy and a one-stop enterprise-level integration platform based on a large model, Shenzhou Wenxue has launched comprehensive, multi-level capabilities to achieve the integrated invoke of computing resources and large models, data / corpus governance and knowledge management, fast and low-code application development and effectively solve the various problems such as large model security, application scenario innovation, data & corpus problems, AI application’s agile development, unified management of models, continuous release and management of models and applications, help enterprises to accelerate the innovation of generative AI, reduce the development threshold and application cost of AI applications, enable them to combine their own business demands with large model technology faster and achieve an intelligent business process.


Li Gang, vice president and CTO of Digital China, said, “The breakthrough of AI technology is a new anchor point of digital transformation.” Cloud native, digital native, and AI native are rapidly converging. In the process of striving to become a leading digital transformation partner in the whole life cycle, Digital China has upgraded its data cloud integration strategy, products and services. The industrial application of large model technology is not a linear process, which requires conditions in many aspects and an enterprise-level co-creation platform. Therefore, we officially launched the one-stop enterprise-level large model based integration platform - Shenzhou Wenxue. We do not develop a basic large model, but develop the integration and application development and delivery platform of large models to accelerate the AI innovation of enterprises. We are a service partner of big data to accelerate the data governance upgrade of enterprises; we develop ecological links, model market, data market, application store to accelerate industrial innovation and ecological breakthrough.

Digital China and the China Info 100 Academy jointly released the White Paper on the Application of Generative AI Technology in Enterprises. In order to map a clear technology development blueprint of the industry, allow the enterprises to better understand the trend and develop their strategy, promote industrial exchanges and cooperation, and create a best routine guide for generative AI industry, the white paper analyzes the generative AI’s six-layer technology ecosphere, summarizes the application path of generative AI in enterprises, explores the generative AI’s industrial policy and development trend, and put forward the countermeasures and suggestions to promote the development of AI industry in China.


Digital China’s “Learning and Creation Program” was officially launched. In order to boost the application of universal large model technology in various scenarios of enterprises and achieve its transformation from technology to productivity, at the forum, the launch of “Learning and Creation Program” was witnessed by Digital China and co-creation partners including innovative head industrial users such as Tasly, Siemens Medical, Chery Automobile, Anhui Credit Information, Xu Hui Design Institute, Beiqi Foton, large model enterprises such as iFlytek, HiDream.ai, Baichuan Intelligence, 360, and Smart AI, fintech enterprises such as Digital China Information Service, and big data enterprises in the automotive industry such as Gausscode.


Next, relying on the “Learning and Creation Program”, Digital China will work with the industrial chain to boost the application of enterprise-level generative AI. Huangfu Ziqiao, Digital China’s strategic marketing general manager said, “Based on the scenarios of enterprises, the program will seek common innovation, share cooperation fruits with partners, promote the win-win cooperation of the industry, build valuable innovative industrial applications from the demand and supply sides to solve the bottlenecks at the supply side, promote the thriving of the industry with innovation achievements, and eventually boost the forming of generative AI standards, improve their productivity, and promote the development of the industry.”

Industrial exploration: digital and cloud integration opens a new journey of digitalization

For a long time, the pharmaceutical industry has been a typical industry with a large volume of knowledge and data. With the explosion and maturity of generative AI technology, it has been rapidly applied in the fields such as knowledge generation.


At the forum, Shi Jianhua, chief digital officer of Tasly Holding Group, shared the “Exploration and Reflection on Application Scenarios of AI Enterprises”. Shi Jianhua said, “AI is the future, while large model is infrastructure. What we need to do is to embrace and integrate them. We believe that AI functions in two aspects, namely value creation and efficiency improvement. Users do not need large models, but need to solve problems. At present, in addition to drug R&D and intelligent manufacturing, Tasly focuses on strategic cooperation with Digital China. Shenzhou Wenxue can not only provide AI application services at a lower cost than the original manufacturer, but also support the “out of the box” service. It has accumulated rich experience in large model engineering, and worked with enterprises to run their special business on the Shenzhou Wenxue platform, which can better match the demands of enterprises in actual scenarios.”


A representative of an international medical enterprise and Xiao Kai, general manager of Data Cloud BU of Digital China’s Cloud Business Group, shared their views on the challenges faced by digitalization and the future of data & AI. The representative said, “Digitalization is a management tool to solve business problems, while large models can bring more possibilities for the business. Since everybody’s knowledge system and depth are in different dimensions, this often affects our communication with external institutions, which may delay our product launch. With the aid of generative AI, Digital China has helped us develop and complete large model solutions, which has improved our communication efficiency with external institutions by times, and made our communication with external institutions more smooth and efficient.”

A summit forum to seek a breakthrough in the application of generative AI in enterprises

Following the release of the “Learning and Creation Program”, focusing on the commercialization path of large models and their application in enterprises, debate and discussion were launched from different dimensions such as application at the demand side and development at the supply side by representatives of each party in the industrial chain, including Li Gang, vice president and CTO of Digital China, Wang Ke, the co-founder and COO of HiDream.ai, Li Hui, the technology director with the intelligent product department of 360, Dong Lin, the CEO of Gausscode, Zhang Lei, general manager with the Scientific Innovation Center of Chery Automobile, Ma Baochang, chief algorithm expert for the large model of Baichuan Intelligent Commerce, Wang Bo, vice president of iFlytek, Sun Guangzhong, a professor from the school of computer science and technology of University of Science and Technology of China, under the presiding of Huo Taiwen, the founder and CEO of Geekbang and InfoQ China.


At the demand side, all parties in the industry agree that the generative AI market is about to explode, and it may even form two trillion-level C-end and B-end markets in the future. At present, the demand of enterprises for generative AI is increasing rapidly. The general model will inevitably change the traditional AI market, and the improvement of productivity will greatly promote the development of the industry. However, from the perspective of scenarios, all technologies separated from customer demands are pseudo technologies, and the industrial application of generative AI should still pay more attention to the demands of customers in actual scenarios. At the supply side, most large model manufacturers say that other than the perspective of technology application, the demands of customers in various scenarios are also the focus of attention at present, but there are still problems such as data acquisition and data management in reality. Although the application is quickly in the scenarios with rich interaction links of asking and answering, there are still great challenges in the actual commercial applications of enterprises, calling for a breakthrough in the ecosphere.

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